Digital Inclusive School

Through our free inclusive school we help Moroccan youth within the NEET category acquire essential tech-related skills to smoothly integrate into the digital world job market

Digital Inclusive School

eno CODE is a free inclusive school project which will serve Moroccan youth falling within the NEET category (not in education, employment or training) in order to equip them with key IT-related skills that will help them integrate smoothly into the national as well as the international job market which has been witnessing in increase demand for such skills to be acquired through project-based training within our free inclusive school.

On the other hand, this project also solves another problem business based in Morocco suffer from which is lack of IT talents. Through eno CODE we will supply the local job market with talents possessing such tech-related skills.

Key Points About the Project

This project targets mainly Moroccan NEET youth aged 16 and above. An estimated number of 150 to 300 Moroccan young people will be given the opportunity to get free training in IT-related skills such as web development, graphic design, UI/UX and digital marketing. This project also encourages Moroccan youth to get indulged in the entrepreneurial world.                                                                          


Youth 15 to 30 years



A few words from our beneficiaries





Agadir, Morocco

Founded in 2015, MADEE is a Moroccan non-profit based in Agadir whose main goal is promoting Digital Equity and bridging the Digital Divide in Morocco through targeting underserved communities.