Yes, Girls can Code

Women are indeed the backbone of every community and here we do acknowledge and appreciate this fact. For this reason, we’ve designed a program specifically for women.
Digital Women is another project of our organization that aims at encouraging various categories of Moroccan women to pursue studies and careers in the digital world in addition to stimulating their entrepreneurship spirit.

Our space is a place where women can be creative with technology.
Through this project, we aim at introducing women to the tech world
and the benefits that this world offers them ranging from professional ones to personal ones.

Digital Women gives Moroccan women the chance to discover the tech world closely and it also gives them the opportunity to unleash their creativity through taking part in various workshops that we organize.

Our workshops cover various aspects encompassing introducing university female students to various softwares that would be of help to them in their studies.  
Our workshops also aim at sensitizing the Moroccan women about the pivotal role that technology plays in humans’ lives the thing which will motivate them to learn more about this world.

Business women are also offered workshops that are business oriented.
Through these workshops, Moroccan women learn more
 about the  e-business and how they can
move forward with their business with the help
of technology.

"...I love this program. It literally saved me hours this week and it gets better..."
Content Writer
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