Atfal Code

Let your child code !

Atfal Code is a program dedicated to Moroccan children whose ages range between
8 and 14. Through this initiative, we strive to help the targeted category understand how computer codes work through organizing workshops via which they are taught how to create their own codes through Visual Programming Languages in a lucid and fun manner. The kids benefit also from robotics workshops.

 Another goal we are gravitating towards via implementing this project is preparing a generation equipped with digital skills that are part of the 21st century skills that are mandatory to compete in the job market nowadays.

 For students today, coding is becoming an essential skill, just like reading, writing, and math. Why is it a big deal? Well, teaching your kids coding will help them a lot both in the short term and the long run!

Learning coding empowers kids and gives them the tools to express themselves in really cool ways ! 

The ability to communicate with machines is probably the closest thing to superpowers that can be taught.

Like learning a language, it’s best done young! 
Games and apps with visual programming languages teach problem solving and programming logic and concepts before kids can read. 
Now how cool is that !

It also makes your kid fluent with technology! 
It’s a process of going from simply interacting with technology to creating technology and expressing oneself in new and creative ways.

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amine bou
Content Writer
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SAMIRA lachguar
Content Writer

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