Our mission can be summarized in four words: promote, encourage, develop and partner.

Founded in 2016, MADEE is a Moroccan non-governmental organization that aims at developing the status of technology,
empowering digital education in Morocco and encouraging the Moroccan youth to get involved in the digital world.
The NGO does this through offering two different programs, namely Atfal Code and Digital Girls.

We aim at promoting the web world professions and training among the Moroccan youth
and hence prepare a competent generation benefiting its community.

We also encourage the improvement of the digital literacy in Morocco among the youth via concrete
initiatives and develop the cooperation between digital skills training providers and
employers. In order to widen our coverage and increase our initiatives reach we make sure
we establish lasting partnerships with different parties ranging from other NGOs to
professional organizations.

Our Projects

Atfal Code

Atfal Code, a program that provides digital education for children whose ages range between 8 and 14, with a lot of fun !

Digital Girls

Digital Women, a program for encouraging various categories of Moroccan women to pursue studies and careers in the digital...